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DutchGrid Medium-Security CA

The DutchGrid Medium-Security CA is the internationally recognised certification authority to issue identity credentials to both users and hosts and services. This CA is recognised by the International Grid Trust Federation as an accredited classic authority.

You need a medium-security certificate for:

  • Access to grid production infrastructures: BiG Grid, EGEE, EGI, DEISA and PRACE
  • Access to test beds such as the P4CTB
  • Use for registering/confirming membership of virtual organisations
  • All other production grid authentication purposes

If you have no idea what to do from here, the best way to get started is with jGridstart, the integrated management tool for end-user certificate management, rekeying and browser management.

If you are a systems admiinstrator and need host certificates for your services, read the guide to getting a certificate. or ask a Registration Authority close to you for help in doing the in-person identity vetting. If you have trouble getting a certificate, ask ca at dutchgrid.nl for assistance.

From here:

DutchGrid and NIKHEF Medium-Security CA Essential Data
Distinguished Name (RFC2253) CN=NIKHEF medium-security certification auth, O=NIKHEF, C=NL
Hash 16da7552
SHA1 Finger Print E5:FA:C3:3B:44:8F:26:1B:3D:D1:DE:BA:5F:EC:ED:35:A9:3F:23:21
MD5 Finger Print 62:ED:76:7D:78:B9:E6:6B:0D:1B:07:38:AC:E6:60:F9
Subject Namespaces (RFC2253) .*, O=(users|hosts|servers), O=dutchgrid
Notices Validity period 12 months
Requires in-person identity checking on first subscription
Renewal requires RA confirmation

The DutchGrid Medium-Security CA is an EUGridPMA Accredited Classic Authority. Root anchors registered with the TERENA Academic CA Repository.