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DutchGrid CA Reliance

As a relying party, you should install the DutchGrid CA root certificates in your local trusted certificate store. The way to do this depends on your application software. The DutchGrid Medium-security CA is an IGTF-accredited Classic Authority, and is installed automatically as part of the IGTF Accredited Installation bundle.

Browser import ("DER" format)
Install the DutchGrid MS Root Certificate, and explicitly trust it for installation in the trusted Certification Authority store.
Text display ("PEM" format)
Install the DutchGrid MS Root Certificate, and review its contents or import into your OpenSSL trusted Certification Authority store.
Globus Toolkit 2+
Install the RPM or tgz package from the EUGridPMA web site, or pick the individual files and copy these to /etc/grid-security/certificates: Do remember to periodically retrieve a new CRL, for example using the fetch-crl program provided by the EUGridPMA.
VL-e, LCG, and EGEE managed installations
Install the DutchGrid MS CA via the IGTF Accredited Authority distribution (the default for LCG and EGEE installations), or obtain the RPM package from the accredited/ directory (named "ca_NIKHEF").

Is this certificate valid?

To find out if a particular certificate is valid, download the Certificate Revocation List (CRL).