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NL e-Infra Zero Tutorial Worthless CA

This NL e-Infra Zero worthless CA is only used for tutorials organised by the Dutch e-Infrastructure. Certificates issued by this CA (only to users) are recognised on a small subset of systems, and then only during the tutorials. It has no policy other than that the tutors can issue a certificate to anyone they like.
If you are looking for a production-quality certificate from a CA that is accredited to the IGTF, please contact your local Certification Authority:

Generating your request

Your tutorial handout will tell you how to generate the request, but as far as this CA is concerned, you can generate your certificate request any way your like, as long as you can submit it in text format to the validation interface. The easiest way is actually a single "OpenSSL" command (OpenSSL being the most popular tool for manipulating these things called "X.509 certificates"). Only the common name in your subject name will be used by the CA and it must be unique, so using your full name and any initials you have will help ensure uniqueness.

Run the following commands, replacing "Pietje Puk 42" with your own name:

mkdir $HOME/.globus
openssl req -subj "/CN=Pietje Puk 42" -out $HOME/.globus/userrequest.pem -keyout $HOME/.globus/userkey.pem -new
Then go to the submission web form and post your "userrequest.pem" file or its contents there. You will see a confirmation page when the upload has succeeded. After a successful upload, ask your tutor to validate your request. As soon as the tutor has done that, you can download your certificate in text format and store it, as usercert.pem, next to your private key.

Download your certificate

Look up your name in the list of valid certificates here.

For Tutors

All tutors must have a valid certifite from an IGTF accredited CA, and must be registred with the NL e-Infra Zero tutorial CA to act as tutors. Send the subject name of your certificate, with details of the upcoming tutorial, to the DutchGrid CA to register.
Once registred, you have access to the RA interface and you can:
Worthless NL e-Infra Zero Tutorial CA 1 Essential Data
Distinguished Name (RFC2253) CN=Worthless NL e-Infra Zero Tutorial CA 1,OU=Certification Authorities,DC=e-infra,DC=nl
Hash 338a3561 (OpenSSL0.x), 79863311 (OpenSSL1)
SHA1 Finger Print 43:20:7D:DF:E9:DD:F0:71:86:CA:AB:DC:97:44:F8:96:25:ED:6C:66
Subject Namespaces (RFC2253) /DC=nl/DC=e-infra/O=Training Services/OU=users/*
signing policy file 338a3561.signing_policy
Root certificate and CRL cacert.pem and cacrl.pem; cacrl.der
Root certificate details cacert.txt
Installation packages ca-nl-e-infra-zero-0.90-1.deb
Notices Default validity period 14 days
NOT rekeyable
Requires participation in a NL e-Infra organised tutorial
Requires confirmation by a tutor