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Test-low DutchGrid CA (expired)

The low-security TEST certification autority info is no longer available: the hash is 263d1de6. This CA has reached end-of-service on March 28, 2001. Details on the end-of-serivice process have been mailed to all subscribers and relying parties.
Please remember to periodically refresh the accompanying CRL. Note that also under the NIKHEF low-security policy, you are obliged to maintain an up-to-date CRL!

TEST low-security CA policy and certification practice statement test-low-policy.html
CA certification requests davidg@nikhef.nl
TEST low-security CA public self-signed certificate in PEM format 263d1de6.0
TEST low-security CA signed Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in PEM format   263d1de6.r0
TEST low-security CA issueing details and revoked certificates generated details index
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