[DutchGrid CA site] CA LDAP directory service configuration

Your your help and information, the following setup was used by the DutchGrid CA to run the LDAP service. Please correct the paths in slapd.conf for your installation.
I start it with

/opt/openldap/libexec/slapd -f ${LDAP_CONF} \
                -h ldap://certificate.nikhef.nl:389/ \
                -u gridadm -g ices

The configuration files:

You can contact the DutchGrid LDAP service at certificate.nikhef.nl:389. The DN is taken as-is from the certificate subject, so the CA certificate is below the "o=NIKHEF,c=NL" DIT; the user and host certificates are below "o=dutchgrid". The rtificate ldif generation scripts:

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